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The city of Pittsburgh is undergoing a cultural renaissance! When Nova Place–formerly known as Allegheny Center–was seeking a new vision for its premier urban redevelopment project, they came to Warren Image Works for both our expertise and precision.

The most prominent feature of Nova Place is the windows lining two-stories of its indoor concourse. The windows and their memorable design were articulated in the original architectural vision--a feat that transcended an individual project for Warren Image Works; rather, it would embrace the heart and soul of the community.

We seek perfection! Our inventive process involved photographing and meticulously measuring each window unit to ensure each graphic was installed accurately. Our team of specialists created their own printer profiles to produce more vibrancy than what is typically offered for perforated window graphics.

Using latex printing technology, we then produced the graphics using non-solvent based materials, which created ready-to-use materials that were environmentally friendly!

The final result is superb! With images that reflect the community, our graphics depict Pittsburgh’s communal revival. From images of the city in lights to its active and health-conscious public, we have created a mural of colorful scenes that illustrate a thriving metropolis.

Warren Image Works was proud to provide Nova Place with a sleek, colorful design that really brings its architectural vision to life!

Want to see more? Check out our installation process.

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