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Book Scanning

Innovative Bytes

Aging books? You can still save them! It’s one thing to be able to create exceptional digitized images. But what really sets Warren Associates apart is the unmatched expertise of our highly skilled image processors.

Utilizing the most innovative editing software available, we are able to enhance the clarity, readability and color of the raw captured images. This includes correcting paper tears, missing type, cracking, yellowing and crumbled edges. So every word, every image, every illustration and every page is restored to the same pristine condition as when it was first printed.

Our staff of experts includes highly-trained specialists in all areas of visual media, document digitization, digital imaging, project management, equipment technicians, and quality control. They have years of experience and deep technical expertise digital conversion equipment, book and document handling procedures, and all the necessary software required to ensure the highest quality products in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our standard book scanning services includes many features which allow us to provide you with the best possible ebooks.

Non-Destructive Book Scaning

Our state-of-the-art scanner digitizes pages without destroying your books. Using vacuum technology, it gently picks up and turns one page at a time.


Experienced Technicians

Equipment and software are only as good as the people using them, which is why we retain experienced technicians with decades of combined experience in all areas of visual media printing and production.

Fast Service

We will typically start scanning within a day or two of receipt of your books, and begin providing you with the final OCR files shortly.


Multiple Document Formats

Basic OCR service includes searchable PDF, XML Word and TXT files. Scanning is compatible with all of the popular ebook configurations and other file formats are available.

Book Reprinting & Binding 

With our advanced digital printing and binding equipment, we can take your digitized book data and reprint it in the original size and format – including paperback, hard bound or even leather bound finishing – in whatever quantity you require, from a single edition to hundreds. All done quickly and quite affordably.

Advanced OCR Technology

We use some of the most sophisticated OCR technology available today. Our OCR processing ensures the highest possible accuracy for all your documents. Learn about our accurate and reliable OCR technology.

High Resolution Scans

We can digitize in various bit depths and resolutions, and output files in a full range of formats including OCR and audible. We scan at 330 or 400 pixels-per-inch resolution which we can interpolate up to 600 dpi.

Flexible Image Formats

Scanned files can be TIFF, RAW & JPEG; Optional PDF & JPEG 2000. 36-bit Color Tone, 8-bit Grayscale & 1-bit Single Color.

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