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Case Studies & Projects

  • We really would have thought that went without saying, but we feel we may need to point it out in this instance.

    You see, ALCOSAN has been a longstanding customer of our Imaging brand, Warren Image Works.

    ALCOSAN, for the uninitiated, is short for Allegheny County Sanitary Authority. They’re the folks who keep not only Pittsburgh’s drinking water clean and healthy but also the three rivers the city is so famous for.

  • Today we have a cautionary tale for you.

    As you can see we’ve provided a comparison of sorts.

    These two pieces are photographic negatives from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which we digitized.

    We’re showing this to illustrate the limitations of what we can do through our digitization processes.

  • Above you’ll see your first look behind the scenes of our imaging brand–Warren Image Works.

    It’s a glimpse into our installation process.

    One of the four main categories of products and services Warren Image Works offers is Graphics & Signage.

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