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Our Newest Hire

We recently told you a little bit about some of the animals who frequent Warren Associates, a menagerie, in fact—a Warren Menagerie—to be precise.

Well we are very excited to announce that our most recent hire here is Olaf, but you can call him Oly.

Oly is an Old English Sheepdog, and we are very disappointed that he isn’t at least a little bit cute.

(That last part was a joke. We do indeed think he’s pretty darn cute.)

The first image was taken just a couple months ago.

The last two were just taken with in the past week or so.

As you can see, Olaf’s parents are seeing to it that he is well fed.

How else could a puppy grow so much so quickly?!

Everybody around Warren Associates agrees that he is a fantastic addition to our team.

He does not make a lot of fuss, but we have found that stopping petting him can be a bit of a challenge.

You see if you pet Oly and then you try to stop, you will find yourself met with bewilderment and not a small guilt trip.

No sooner has your hand left his soft fluffy coat than his eyes intently meet yours as if to say, “It’s okay. You can go. I understand. I only wanted you to pet me a little bit more, but I get it. You’re an important person and you’re busy. So you can go if you have to, but I thought you loved me. I guess I was wrong.”

Who would have thought that a puppy could be so manipulative?

But we would be lying if we said it did not work.

Every time.

So, if you ever find yourself darkening our door, be warned that it will take at least three tries to actually leave if Olaf has anything to say about it.

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