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Music City Bound For ASNT

As we do every year, we will be representing our WarrenNDT brand at the ASNT (American Society For Nondestructive Testing) Annual Conference this fall.

This year’s conference is on the calendar for this Monday, October 30 through November 2 in Nashville, so we should probably dust off our cowboy boots in order to fit in at Music City’s famous honky-tonks.

We should probably do some work while we’re there too.

We’ve been making the pilgrimage to the conference without fail for decades now, and it’s always well worth our while in addition to being just a really nice event—plain and simple.

Our Radiographic Intensifying Screens have been the industry standard for just as long; and, ever since we began manufacturing them a few years ago, our Film Holders have proven to be a product we can be just as proud of.

We hope lots of folks stop by and see us when they are enjoying the always impressive and interesting exhibits attendees to the conference look forward to every year.

This year our booth will be 729; and, as is our tradition, we will have lots of candy to share.

Yes, indeed, anybody who has ever stopped to see us at the ASNT Annual Conference can tell you that we always have candy. However, that is not only because it is a pretty easy way to get traffic to flow to our booth.

It is also because the show is always around Halloween. In fact, this year it falls dead on Halloween.

Now, we have never been ones to shy away from a day’s work. But we would be lying if we said that every once in a while we are not exactly wild about having to work a conference and be away from home for such a fun holiday. We’re crazy about Halloween!

So our candy tradition has always been our little nod to the spookiest day of the year.

In other words…

We hope a whole bunch of people come trick-or-treating at our booth this year at ASNT in Nashville!

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