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We Have Quite The Menagerie

In addition to the wonderful group of people who make Warren Associates what it is, we also happen to have quite the menagerie around here.

We love our animals, and they certainly make their contribution by helping to keep the atmosphere around our place happy and fun even when things get a tad stressful.

You can expect to see a fair amount of our blog’s content dedicated to what is sometimes affectionately referred to as The Warren Menagerie.

After all, there are two types of content that are guaranteed to get traffic on the internet.

One type would not be appropriate for a family-friendly web presence such as ours.

The other is cute animals.

Let’s meet a few of ours…


Animals 4

First we have Tucker.

Tuck's a Shetland Sheepdog. These days he’s not around the office as much as he used to be, but we’re expecting that to change soon.

He’s cute, extremely friendly, extremely furry, and he’s probably a little to smart for his own good.


Animals 5

Second we have Myles.

He's a Fox Red Lab; and if you see him, his younger brother, Murphy, can’t be too far away. We’ll introduce Murph sometime soon.

Myles gives the best kisses, and he’s got the saddest eyes ever. Just try to walk past him without giving him at least a pat on the head.


Try it.

We’ll wait.

Can’t be done.


Animals 1 Rev

Third, today we have Sam.

Sam’s around the office almost every day. Matter of fact, he’s kind of been a fixture around here for over twenty years! And it’s possible he may be the most talkative member of the Warren Associates team.

Musical too. His performances of ‘Blueberry Hill’—the old Fats Domino tune—are not to be missed.

We’ll have some more introductions in the future.

Meantime, again, count on some adorable and funny content here courtesy of our Warren Menagerie.

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